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Catholic Comment: a new approach 

Catholic Comment speakers take a positive but effective approach to communication: we aim to ‘reframe’ away from heated polemics, instead working to create a space where genuine dialogue is possible and  we have a real opportunity to cast light on some aspect of the life giving message of the Catholic faith. 

What is Catholic Comment? 

Catholic Comment is an independent organisation which offers a team of mainly lay speakers from many different backgrounds and walks of life - but all of us ready and willing to put the case for the Church in the media and in public debate. We are people who know and love the Church and speak from direct experience of living as Christians in today’s world. We have a sincere intellectual and spiritual commitment to Catholic values and teaching. 


Catholic Comment doesn’t speak officially for the Church but we complement the work of the Bishops and other authentic Catholic voices in the public square. We periodically train new speakers for our panel and we host public seminars to share our positive yet effective approach to communicating the faith.

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